This is the website of the Young Property Lawyers’ Forum (YPLF), a global informal network of junior and senior property law scholars that meets once a year. YPLF is a network that seeks to support young property law scholars in the development of their ideas. Young property lawyers are working towards a PhD degree or have recently finished such a degree.

YPLF was founded by Bram Akkermans, Ernst Marais, Eveline Ramaekers, Jill Robbie and Koen Swinnen when they were PhD students.

The first edition of YPLF was held Edinburgh (2009). The following editions have been held in Maastricht (2011), Stellenbosch (2012),  Leuven (2013),  Oxford (2014), Groningen (2015), Hamburg (2016), Monterrey (2017), Maastricht (2018) and Glasgow (2019). The next editions of the YPLF were held in a virtual format in 2021 and 2022.

Groningen (2015)

Oxford (2014)

Leuven (2013)

Stellenbosch (2012)